About the competition
About the competition
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О конкурсе.JPGOpen contest named after L.A. Knyazkov among students and undergraduates was initiated by “Cadaster” Institute in 2014 within the framework of annual All-Russia Scientific-Technical Conference with international participation, organized by Yaroslavl State Technical University.

The objective of the Competition named after L.A. Knyazkov – stimulation of students to improving quality of scientific research and their practical importance on the basis of sustainable development approaches.

Tasks of the competition:

Research works participating in the competition should contain original systemic engineering decisions related to issues of environmental engineering, water use and sustainable development of territories.

According to the results of the competition winners are identified that are awarded with diplomas and prize money. Financing of the competition is performed from the funds of Institute “Cadaster”.

The competition is named after Lev Knyazkov, who made outstanding contribution in increasing sustainability of development and rational natural resource use of Yaroslavl oblast.

The experience of holding the competition showed that the idea of such a contest found response and interest not only of students of other universities of our country but also of representatives of other “alma mater”.

We invite all who wish to participate in the competition, as this is a perfect chance to realize all your ideas and projects, to get qualified estimation of your work!