Институт Устойчивых Инноваций


1. General provisions

1.1 The Terms and Conditions of the competition named after L.A. Knyazkov within the annual All-Russia scientific-technical conference with international participation, organized by Yaroslavl state technical university determine order and conditions of organization, selection of winners.

1.2 The organizer of the competition named after L.A. Knyazkov within the conference — Autonomous non-commercial organization Cadaster Institute (Cadaster Institute). The competition is held according to the agreement on cooperation with Yaroslavl State Technical University (YSTU) of 22.11.2010.

1.3. Conference operator — Yaroslavl State Technical University.

1.4. Decisions on the results of the competition are made by contest commission.

2. Objective and tasks of the competition

2.1. The goal of the Competition named after L.A. Knyazkov – stimulation of students to improving quality of scientific research and their practical importance on the basis of sustainable development approaches.

2.2. Objectives of the competition:

Identify, develop and realize students intellectual potential;

Attract young researchers to participation in research works;

Form young specialists awareness of sustainable development of Russia.

3. The order of selection of participants and holding of the competition

3.1 All interested students (bachelors and masters) or collectives of students regardless of the form of learning might become participants of the competition.

3.2 Participation in the competition might be individual or joint. In case of collective participation members of the team identify a team leader who performs presentation of the work for participation in the competition and addressing organizational issues on behalf of all team members. Participation of academic advisors in the contest is not allowed.

3.3 Quantity of competition participants is not limited.

3.4 Terms of presentation of materials are determined by the contest commission.

3.5 The contest commission considers the works presented for competition and selects winners.

3.6 3 winners are identified according to the results. Competition results for masters and students are assessed separately. Winners are awarded with diplomas and prize money.

3.7 Paying of prize money on the basis of a protocol of competition commission on rewarding is made by transferring funds from the account of ANO RDI “Cadaster” to deposit accounts opened by winners of the competition in financial organizations located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

3.9 For transferring the prize money winners of the competition submit to the ANO RDI “Cadaster” statement on payment of prize money with indication of their bank details on the deposit account opened in financial organizations located on the territory of the Russian Federation along with a copy of identification document.

3.10 Payment of taxes from the prize money is made by winners of the competition according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4. Contest commission

4.1. The contest commission is formed for organization, holding of the competition and identification of winners.

4.2 The commission jointly considers and assesses works presented for competition.

4.3 Proposals of the participants are assessed by the following criteria:

Name of specific criteria of assessment

Indica-tion of criteria

Numeric value of criteria

(the needed should be encircled)

Correspondence of the contents of work to competition profile


0 — does not correspond;

1 — corresponds

Personal input of the author


0,2 — personal input is insignificant;

0,5 — ideas of academic adviser are worked out;

0,8 — high level of self-dependence;

1 — the author proposed his own original idea

Topicality of the topic of work


1 — the theme is topical for specific enterprise,


2 — the theme is topical on a regional or sectoral scale;

3 — the theme is topical on an interregional scale

Scientific innovation


0 — scientific innovation is absent;

2 — new scientific data obtained;

3 — new important scientific data obtained

The level of complexity of the addressed issue


0,8 — simple task;

1 — task of a medium complexity;

1,2 — sophisticated task

Correctness of task setting


0 — formulation of objectives and tasks of the study not available;

1 — task setting is not enough clear;

2 — the task is set correctly

Methodology used in the study and their correspondence to the complexity of the task under consideration


1 — traditional approaches were used;

2 — modern and efficient methods applied;

4 — proper methods of addressing issues proposed that are more efficient in comparison with traditional ones

Completeness of the solution of the task


0 — solution is not reached;

1 — partial solution of the task reached;

3 — complete solution of the task obtained

Analysis of literature on the topic


0 — analysis of data of the literature is absent;

1 — minimum necessary analysis of literature;

2 — complete analysis of literature performed

Наличие публикаций

по теме работы

bpubl *)

0 — no publications;

1 — thesis of conference reports, including regional ones;

2 — thesis of conference reports, including al—Russian and international;

3 — research papers in scientific journals;

4 — research papers in central editions

Introduction of the results of work


0 — no introduction;

1 — introduction in a training course in a university of the author;

2 — introduction in training courses of several universities;

5 — practical introduction in a productive organization

Quality of the design of work


0 — design was made with serious departure from the rules;

1 — accurate, according to existing rules of the design of scientific reports;

2 — high quality, with application of creative techniques

Additional mark of an expert


Not more than 4 (with indication of specific merits of the work not taken into account by basic criteria)

Total score of the work:

B = КсКiKcom ( bact + bnew + bcor + bmet + bfcom + blit + bpubl + bintr + bdes) + Вexp = _____