Институт Устойчивых Инноваций

Objectives and tasks

Cadaster Institute was established in order to perform works and provide services of research in the field of environmental protection, aimed at transition of Russia and federal subjects to innovative sustainable development. In order to reach these objectives the institute carries out the following types of projects:
  • Scientific research and experimental projects, including those in the field of sustainable development of territories, environmental and health risks, ecosystem services, as well as  environmental and resource statistics;
  • Study, analysis and assessment of negative environmental impact of economic and other activities;
  • Expert-analytical works, scientific-methodological consulting on sustainable development, sustainable natural resource use and environment protection;
  • Support for innovative activities in the field of sustainable resource use and environment protection;
  • Environmental audit, development of indicators of sustainability of work of enterprises and institutions.
Promotion of effective and high-quality projects in the field of sustainable development in Russia; contribution to the development of industrial and social innovations, based on cooperation between private capital, society and government. Increasing efficiency of the environment use due to provision of high-quality research and engineering services to government bodies, enterprises and institutions. 
Innovative growth focused on a human taking into consideration social well-being and environmental responsibility for the present and future generations.
Scientific research is performed according to requests of the Federal Statistical Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Federal Service on Supervision in the Field of Natural Resource Use, Federal Forestry Agency of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, management bodies of the federal subjects of the Russian Federation, municipal administrations. 

Among the partners of the institute there are Center for Sustainable Development and Environmental Health, Centre of Bioeconomics and Eco-innovations of the Economic Department of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Pacific Geographical Institute Far-Eastern Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biology of Internal Waters named after Papanin and other institutions.

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