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Diploma of the Ist degree of the competition named after Lev Knyazkov and prize money:

Дипломы в кривых Эля.jpgPavlova Elionela Alekseevna - undergraduate of the department of hydro-technical and road construction of the architectural-construction faculty of Yaroslavl State Technical University for the work "The use of tools to assessment the health risks of the population in the water management planning (by the example of the Kotorosl River Basin)".

IMG_5691.JPGThe article considers the possibility of increasing the efficiency of basin management with the use of risk assessment tools to public health. Presents the results of years of research of surface water quality of the river Kotorosl in the Yaroslavl region, assessed exposure load on adults and children, as well as the peculiarities of risk-taking surface water source. It is shown that the oral exposure priority critical organs are the blood, the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system. Executed clustering river plots allowed us to determine problem areas. The study results showed the perspective of risk assessment integrating the health of the population in the water management planning, which will allow to optimize and increase the efficiency of basin management system.

Scientific adviser - G. Fomenko, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences