Henrietta Privalovskaya. Natural Resources in National Economy: Collection of Works / ed. Georgy Fomenko, Tatiana Runova; preparation of materials I.N. Volkova, V.N. Avanesov, A.N. Privalovsky, A.K. Luzanova
The book is devoted to G.A. Privalovskaya's memory – the economical geographer, widely famous in the Russian and foreign geographical science, and includes its chosen works for half a century of scientific activity. These works reflect creative searches of the scientist who passed a way from the geographer – the country expert in the 1960th of the last century to the head of the major direction in modern public geography – a geographical resursovedeniye at the beginning of the XXI century. She one of the first realized a role of traditionally advanced resource use in Russia at a transitional stage of its development and formulated in the works of opportunity, way, problem and restriction of its inclusion on the new bases in the modern, looking for an innovative way of development economy of Russia. G.A. Privalovskaya lot of work in the first half of its career is rather fully reflected in a series of author's monographs of 1961 - 1980. Therefore in this book the main attention to its works 1990 – is paid the 2000th. They occupy the most part of the edition and define a contribution of this outstanding scientist to development of teoretiko-methodological fundamentals of public geography and its important direction – a geographical resursovedeniye and research of its problems at the present stage of scientific searches. The book will be useful to the present and future generations of scientists-geographers in the sphere of rational environmental management and a sustainable development.
The edition is carried out on the basis of the decision of Board Institute Cadaster as the gratuitous charitable project.