Институт Устойчивых Инноваций


Scientific research Institute "Cadaster" oriented on increasing of efficiency of environmental protection management on different levels of spatial organization. It’s important in implementation of the innovation-driven growth, which improves quality of life of the current and future generations. This method of development based on a possibility of concurrent economic growth and environmental conservation along with decrease of the environmental risks and health risks due to modern technologies.  This complex problem can be solved only by goal-based synthesis of natural-sciences, engineering, social and economic data about “People–Society–Nature” system and by taking cultural wealth of the people into account. To take cultural wealth into account we must identify and use cultural traditions of sustainable development and environmental protection for the improvement of quality of life, magnification of viability of social groups and nations. The important problem in this context is comparison of connections between natural, social and spiritual processes and specification on this basis of institutional features of the environmental protection.

The main contents of scientific research Institute "Cadaster" is focused on the following areas: