Methodology of the development of territorial and corporate environment protection reports and environmental publications
Environmental system design
Methodology of the development of territorial and corporate environment protection reports and environmental publications

The given field of activity includes a complex of information-analytical and methodological works aimed at improving formation and implementation of the state policy in the field of environmental development of regions, increasing effectiveness of management in terms of environmental impact of activities of enterprises and corporations, including:

¾ Compilation of territorial environmental reports;

¾ compilation of corporate environmental reports.

Implemented developments are based on (1) the Analytical scheme of formation of environmental indicators (Driving forces — Pressure — State — Impact — Response), (2) Guidelines on reporting on sustainable development (Global Reporting Initiative, version 4.0), (3) International standard ISO 26000 Guidelines on special responsibility, (4) National standard of the Russian Federation ГОСТ Р ISO 26000 Guidelines on social responsibility, (5) Basic indicators of effectiveness. Recommendations on the use in management practices and corporate non-financial reporting (2008), (6) Standard of reporting verification АА 1000, (7) Order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation of 26.12.2002 № 512-р “On the state reports on the state and use of natural (mineral, water, forest) resources, activities of the state bodies of control in the field of natural resource use and environment protection, prepared and disseminated by state services and territorial bodies of MNR of Russia”, Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 24 September 2012 № 966 “On preparation and dissemination of annual report on the state and protection of environment”, (8) Monograph “Integration of public environmental reports in territorial management” (2013).

Environmental reports serves as a basis for environmental development of regions, identification of priority fields of activity of state management bodies in the given field, as well as for the development of measures aimed at preventing and decreasing negative environmental impact; environmental publication help enterprises and corporations to manage and control their environmental impact, improve operational; effectiveness, sustainably use natural resources. Disclosure of environment protection and rational natural resource use information becomes an important competitive advantage and helps to strengthen trust of investors.