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Information- technical division is the structural unit of the “Cadaster” institute.
The main tasks of the division are as follows:
  • increasing effectiveness of research processes and research activities, management of structural divisions of the Institute due to introduction of modern information technologies and technical means.
  • Ensuring realization of policy of information safety;
  • Organization of information exchange;
  • Increasing professional level of specialists of the sector on the issues of practical application of new information technologies and relevant software.
The main directions of activities of the division of ITS are the following:
  • Search for, studies and analysis of promising directions for using technical means and information technologies in the sphere of science and management, information safety. Implementation of works on equipping, developing and improving local network and material and technical foundation of the Institute.
  • Systematic introduction of modern technical means, information technologies, computing and organizational techniques, communication means in activities of the divisions of the Institute.
  • Organizational-methodological work on training of the Institute staff members in the work with computer equipment, use of software, use of information technologies, methodology of the use of other technical means.
  • Assistance to other divisions of the Institute in introduction and application of specialized software.
  • Study of best practices of Russian and foreign companies in the field of application of information and technical means in scientific and managerial activities.
  • Tuning, administration and upgrade of the system software and computer networks.
  • Support of Internet-technologies in the Institute, provision of access to Internet-services.
  • Organization, installation and repairing of servers and working stations, peripheral equipment (printers, copiers, scanners), аs well as network equipment. Implementation of regular measures on maintenance, anti-virus and technical servicing of technical resources.