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Division of mapping was established in order to provide for research-applied works on the main fields of activity of centres of the Institute by (1) developing digital cartographic materials of various thematic orientation, (2) processing of big bodies of data applying modern methods with the use of wide spectrum of instruments for analyzing spatial information, (3) visualizing various information on maps, (4) introducing new methods of data processing and new software in the field of GIS and data visualization.
The division addresses the complex of the following issues:
  • production of electronic maps with different thematic load and topographic basis of different scales;
  • development of cartographic materials of managerial nature in specific sectors of activity, that accompany the development of plans and programmes in the field of environment protection and sustainable natural resource use;
  • development of cartographic materials within territorial and corporate reports, specialized atlases that reflect the state of the environment, environmental changes and measures taken in order to ensure environmental sustainability (environmental-geographic mapping);
  • addressing environmental-economic issues with application of the most up-to-date developments in the field of GIS;
  • development of cartographic materials for the schemes of hunting economy for various regions of Russia (maps of boundaries of hunting grounds and elements of habitats);
  • medical-geographic mapping in the field of human health risks and environment quality (territorial analysis of risk dynamics, visualization of risk zones);
  • compiling of thematic maps on the basis of classification of obtained information of space images.
All tasks are addressed at the most advanced contemporary level with the use of modern software. The main instrument is ArcGIS software – the family of software products of American company ESRI. Maps of all scales are created and edited in ArcGIS: from land site plans to maps of the world. ArcGIS contains wide spectrum of instruments for analysis of spatial information that allows to visualize (present in the form of a digital map) large amounts of statistical information that has geolocation. Auxiliary software is also used in the work, such as: STATISTICA, SWAT, InVest, Corel Draw, etc.