About Goals and Objectives Management Structure Contacts
The Council of Young Scientists of “Cadaster” institute is a constant collegial consultative body.

The Council was established in order to promote integration of young scientists and specialists of the Institute in the sphere of fundamental science, optimizing their participation in the reproduction of scientific potential of the Russian society, increasing innovation and social activity of young scientists and specialists of the Institute, consolidation of their efforts in addressing priority scientific tasks, important for the Institute, effective popularization of scientific achievements of young scientists.

For reaching the above objectives the Council addresses some issues aimed at creation of conditions for social and social-professional development and creative self-realization of youth in the sphere of fundamental science and for preserving young scientific stuff members in “Cadaster” institute:
  • Coordination of scientific activities of young scientists of the institute;
  • Development and implementation of a system of measures for activation of research work of young scientists;
  • Informing of and rendering assistance to young scientists in participation in scientific programmes, funds, projects, conferences, workshops, held by research institutions, universities of Russia and foreign countries;
  • Organization of conferences, workshops, round tables, forums of young scientists on various fields of science related to profile of the Institute;
  • Rendering assistance to young scientists in implementing integration research and interdisciplinary projects;
  • Rendering consultative services in the course of preparation and realization of research projects by young scientists;
  • Formation and widening the scope of contacts of the Council of young scientists with councils of young scientists of other educational institutions of Russia and other countries, with scientific centres.