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The Centre is the leading subdivision of the Institute. It is a part of the Russian system of sustainable development centres under the auspices of the Center for Sustainable Development and the Health of the Environment. The Centre was established in order to ensure promotion of sustainable development of territories and local communities.

Main fields of activities of the Centre:
  • Scientific-methodological substantiation of economic stimulation of subjects of economic activity in the field of environment protection and sustainable natural resource use, including in the part of improving norms of payment for negative environmental impact, introduction of best available technologies, low-waste and resource-saving technologies, recurring involvement of production wastes in economic turnover. Studies of problems of eco-modernization and transition to green economy, etc.;
  • Development of scientific-methodological basis of formation for a system of environmental-economic accounting of natural resources and ecosystem services in the direction of its humanization. Application and development of special socio-cultural indexes in light of addressing issues of improving territorial natural-cultural management. It allows to compare various countries and nations with application of ethnometric instruments;
  • Development of scientific-methodological basis of formation of the system of national accounts in terms of reflection of natural resources and ecosystem services. Improvement of the system of statistical indicators in the field of environment protection and sustainable natural resource use, the system of sustainable development and green economy indicators; 
  • Scientific substantiation of methodology of development of documents of strategic planning, programme-target management, territorial natural environment planning: (1) federal, regional, local action plans and programmes in the field of environment protection, (2) management plans in the field of economics of hunting and protection of hunting resources; (3) management plans for specially protected natural areas of federal and regional importance, (medium-term management plans, improvement of research activities and environmental monitoring, educational tourism and limited recreation), etc.; 
  • Development of methodology of preparation of public environmental reports of territorial management bodies, corporations, specific industrial enterprises (according to Russian and international requirements) and their integration in the managerial decision-making process; 
  • Development of scientific-methodological basis for adaptation of the international standard of the system of environmental-economic accounting to the conditions of the Russian Federation and specific features of the federation subjects for the purposes of (1) territorial environmental management at federal, regional and local levels; (2) effective management of SPNA (the system of federal SPNA, specific SPNA of federal and regional importance); (3) addressing issues of water economy complex, etc.;
  • Studies of ways and methods of identification of scientifically substantiated approaches to addressing the issues of water supply, effective and efficient organization of water sector and condition of ecosystems connected with water in contemporary conditions; 
  • Holding of multilateral meetings, conferences, workshops, development and implementation of training programmes on the issues of development and practical application of scientifically based methods of solving sustainable development problems and natural resource use.