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Centre for health risk assessment was created in order to implement studies, scientific development, substantiation and introduction of optimal economically efficient managerial decisions in the field of preservation of population health and environmental quality. The Centre is the certified body in the system of voluntary certification of bodies of risk management of Rosprirodnadzor of the Russian Federation. In 2017, the Center for Health Risk Assessment of Cadaster Institute successfully passed the certification procedure to reconfirm the competence to conduct risk assessment. All stages of certification received positive conclusions on our organization's compliance with the Rules for the Functioning of the Voluntary Certification System for Public Health Risk Assessment Bodies. Cadaster Institute is registered in the System registry and received a Certificate of Conformity No. SDS 050 dated April 6, 2017, confirming that assessing the risk of health exposure to environmental factors is implemented in compliance with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, hygienic standards, research and testing methods, guidelines, international requirements and recommendations in the field of health risk assessment. In 2018, the Center successfully passed the procedure of expanding the scope of certification in terms of assessing the health risk from acoustic exposure.

The centre includes divisions specializing in specific stages of the procedure of population health risk assessment – identification of danger, assessment of the dependence “doze-response”, assessment of exposition, health risk characteristic and management, quality management.
Among the main fields of activity of the Centre are:
  • Research in the field of territorial analysis, ranking of territories by degrees of risks to human health, zoning of critical fields, as well as the development of methodological approaches to dynamics of space of risks to human health in towns and settlements;
  • development of methodological approaches and scientific substantiation of managerial decisions aimed at decreasing the level of risks to human health connected with transport noise impact, including within the works on designing communications and transport facilities located on residential territories;
  • development and scientific substantiation of measures on adaptation to climate change, prevention of potentially negative climate change impact on human health, obtaining objective scientific information on the levels of risks to human health connected with negative impact of climatic factors;
  • scientific provision of sanitary-epidemiological wellness of residential territories in the course of managerial decision-making of general planning, including: (1) development of towns and settlements, (2) construction and reconstruction of industrial objects;
  • development and substantiation of engineering solutions on decreasing risks to human health caused by environmentally harmful factors, assessment of effectiveness of target programmes on improving environmental situation in towns and settlements on the basis of health risk indicators, as well as the development of scientifically based mechanisms of supervisory activities in the field of natural resource use on the basis of health risks caused by environment pollution.
Specialists of the Center have developed a training course "Assessment and management of health risks from the acoustic impact of transport", as well as a Software package "Rapid assessment of public health risk by chemical factor".