Институт Устойчивых Инноваций

About the Institute

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Institute “Cadaster” – the first brainwork centre in the field of sustainable environmental management in contemporary Russia that systemically develops socio-cultural methodology of environmental management. The Institute was established in 2004, since 2017, it is a part оf the Research and Consulting Syndicate Institute for Sustainable Innovation. Its organizational form – socially responsible autonomous non-commercial organization. Work of the organization was certified by the International association of certification bodies IQNet on management quality systems (ISO 9001:2015) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2015).

The basic scientific priority was determined by the management and employees awareness of responsibility to the society for comprehensive assistance in transition of the Russian Federation to sustainable innovation-oriented development aimed at improving quality of life of present and future generations. Such type of development is based on the recognition of the possibility for simultaneous  economic growth and environment protection due to new technologies in the process of ecomodernization with the decrease of environmental risks, and first of all, human health risks.